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If your refrigerator just broke down, despair is not a solution: yes, these appliances are expenses and yes, most repairmen try to rip you off and get you to buy parts you don’t need, but there are also teams of honest and skilled refrigerator repair technicians who will protect your interests and get your appliance running again at an affordable cost. One of those teams works for our All City Appliance Repair Jacksonville branch, and they are just one phone call away.

Why Should You Call Us?

refrigerator repair JacksonvilleHere, at All City Appliance Repair, we understand that sometimes you cannot wait to have your appliance repaired, because your comfort and peace of mind depend on that appliance. That is why we schedule repairs within a three hours’ time frame. In order to prevent you from wasting those precious three hours, we will also call you twenty minutes before our team is to arrive at the address you provide. So, besides providing you with quality repair services, we also help you make the most out of your time, which is more than other companies can say.

If you think this is all, you are wrong: all our services, as well as the parts we supply, are backed up by considerable warranty periods, so, besides our services and quality parts at affordable prices, we also ensure your peace of mind.

Appliance brands repaired by All City Appliance RepairAlso, refrigerators hold no secrets for us. No matter if you own a Maytag, a Whirlpool, a Frigidaire, or an Electrolux (no matter what brand you own), our technicians will fiind its problem and fix it, so that you can go on with your daily routine as if you have never needed refrigerator service.

The Most Common Refrigerator Problems

The refrigerator is basically a machine made out of two coils, a compressor and a motor. The substance that makes it cool down the air in the compartment where you keep your foods and drinks is called Freon. One of the pieces could break down, lose contact with another one, or your appliance may simply run out of Freon.

Depending on the exact situation, the repairs could cost you from a few tens of dollars to even hundreds, but our technicians will make sure to explain things to you in detail, so that you can decide if the repairs are worth making and within your budget limits or not.

One thing is for sure: no one will force you to buy anything or pressure you into accepting certain refrigerator repairs.. They will assess the situation, tell you what your options are and allow you to decide on the steps to take next:

  • Allow them to perform the repairs using the necessary spare parts we have in stock;
  • Allow them to perform the repairs using the spare parts you buy;
  • Give up the repair and escort our technicians out without paying a cent (the diagnosis and price estimate are all free).

So you see, you have nothing to lose by calling us, but a lot to gain: information, advice, professional services and access to quality parts at affordable prices. After all, we are not reputed as the best Jacksonville refrigerator repair specialists for nothing!

The Best Refrigerator Repair Services in Jacksonville Is Offered by All City Appliance Repair!